Yoga Wisdom Italy is an association founded in 2010 with the objective to diffuse the practice and teachings of the method Iyengar Yoga. It is an independent, non-violent association that does not accept public funding from businesses or political parties and proposes to provoke and nurture cooperative friendships and cultural relations with those of similar ties, making available for members sportive and cultural activities in favor of the development and practice of Yoga despite race, creed, sex, nationality, class or religion.
Our principal intent is to promote therefore the study, practice and experimentation of the positive effects of Iyengar Yoga which can better our physical-spiritual health and individual-collective self. We organize courses for students and teachers to better understand and therefore spread the importance of this method  which contributes to the alignment of the body in the posture, of the search for awareness in that body and  therefore discover the difference between action and movement.
But Yoga Wisdom Italy also promotes cultural activities inherent to yoga such as the study of the philosophy of yoga and the sanskrit language. With all this considered it is our intention to organize demonstrations, seminars, courses for teacher training and to invite  teachers from abroad to collaborate with the Association.
We hope, through the use of various means of communication such as meetings, conferences, demonstrations and special events, to create more awareness in regard to oneself, to others, to nature, to animals and the environment in general.
All  the rules, under which the Association operates, are in accordance with our social statute.